The Future of the Police Station Property


The Town acquired property at 828 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in the early 1980's and has used it for a police department since then. We learned in 2013 coal ash material was placed on the property before we bought it.

Today, as we prepare to relocate the police into a new office, the question the community needs to answer is: What should the site be?

We are asking this question now is because the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) needs to understand our interests so that they can guide us in the appropriate way for remediation. DEQ will work with us to match our vision with their requirements.

Depending on the future goals for the property we will know whether we need to remove some or all of the contaminated materials and what the remediation steps might be.

Some members of the community have suggested that removing and relocating all of the contaminated materials would be the preferred course of action. Others have expressed an interest in reusing this site for a variety of purposes. We've heard non-profits, office and housing, for example. A community visioning process will help us discuss the trade offs between these and other future outcomes. DEQ will help us understand the environmental and regulatory implications during our discussions.

The Town has been actively studying this issue since 2013 and although we know it doesn't present an immediate health or safety issue we are committed to being good stewards of this town property. We welcome the community's comments and engagement during this visioning process so that we can develop accurate information for the Council to choose a path forward.



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You are invited to participate in the planning process by providing feedback.

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